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Christel Meijeris a versatile vocalist, songwriter and performer who explores the boundaries of jazz, theatrical pop and a hint of ambient.


On her most recent EP Without Hesitation EP, Christel brings to ears enchanting songs, accompanied by the equally adventurous arranger Jurriaan Berger (earswideopen). Her lyrics tell the tale of a young woman in search of a home in this world. Beautifully fragile, lively and slightly twisted.

Back in 2011, the conservatory-trained singer debutes as frontlady of synth pop band Jaffa with the album Echoes (Unique/Social Beats). Together with Phil Martin (Laura Vane & The Vipertones/The Jazzinvaders) she creates atmospherical synth popsongs characterised by Christel’s looped vocals and mysterious lyrics.

“...Stay Out Here and Hair Repair are songs of international quality, which are very rare in the current Dutch music scene...” (Monte La Rue, Jazzism, September 2011)

“'s a good one! Dreamy, lovely melodies and really sweet vocals (...) quality songwriting...” (Dusty Groove America Inc, augustus 2011)

With this convincing debut in the pocket, Christel has been continuing to venture out as a solo artist. New impulses for her songwriting she has found in being part of several a cappella vocal groups (Pangaea, Dutch Organic Choir) and in writing for theatre concert performances. Vocal loop based Mystifying Mistress made the Art Rocks competition final. Christel is part of the Fiere Vrouwen collective. Her song Achter de Ramen, written for Dutch Salvation Army icon Majoor Bosshardt, is part of the Fiere Vrouwen theatre show and has been performed by the renowned Dutch jazz singer Mathilde Santing. Now on tour!

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